In the next version, artists will be able to specify new animations when units are ordered to gather a resource. They will now be able to carry the appropriate tools and use different animations.

Hyrule Conquest a Legend of Zelda themed mod using Pyrogenesis our engine, will be organizing a tournament soon. If you are interested in participating, you can register on or on their discord.

Go check out the review
did on our development version! Like them you can use the Snap, the Ubuntu PPA, or compile from source.

Tired of seeing jagged edges on your buildings? A24 will include at last, new graphic option called FXAA, that will definitely get rid of what one of our users tenderly called "The Sawtooth effect". We're working on more filters, so stay tuned :)

Development of 0 A.D. is currently entirely volunteer based. This is a community project, through and through. So if you are a game developer, a programmer, an artist, a modder, a translator, a documentation writer or even a historian, a blogger or a Youtuber, don’t hesitate to contact us on our forums:
If you want to get right into it, visit trac for more specific
Our code is discussed on Phabricator:


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