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September was our best month yet in terms of revenue. Our 5% donation fund for the environment and open source is growing. Thank you all! πŸ’š

When filtering by a goal, you can now see the conversion rate (CR) for other metrics too 🎯

This makes it easier to discover the best converting campaigns, referral sources, landing pages, articles, countries and devices at a glance.

"Been a very happy customer of Plausible at Basecamp. Wonderful to see domains like web stats that were once a wasteland due to monopoly weight spring new, better options ❀️ "

Wow! 🀯

Thank you DHH!

We're up against the adtech giant.
Intentionally small, profitable, sustainable.
No investors, outside funding, debt.
4,450 subscribers, $37,592 MRR, $0 advertising budget.
Anything is possible.

"Our website uses Plausible Analytics to help us understand visitor trends and the effectiveness of our marketing outreach" System76 ❀️


In addition to the stats API and the sites API, we now also have the events API. You can use it to record pageviews and custom events. This is useful when tracking mobile apps or for server side tracking


Yesterday was our second best day yet in terms of unique visitors (34,544) and trial signups (88). Hopefully few more sites will be de-Googled in the upcoming days! 🀩🀞

And which operating system users block Google Analytics most frequently?

82% of Linux users
74% of Windows users
61% of Mac users
54% of Android users
41% of iOS users

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Who blocks Google Analytics most frequently?

88% of Firefox users
50% of Chrome users
41% of Safari users


Plausible vs Google Analytics: Google is missing out on a lot of visitors 🧐

You can now use the plausible.local.js extension if you want to count visitors on localhost. This is also useful for Cordova, Capacitor and other hybrid apps.

Learn more πŸ‘‰

There's now the "Add filter" button that makes filtering even more powerful:

1⃣ Search for any metric
2⃣ Exclude certain segments of traffic
3⃣ Group your pages

Click "Add filter" to explore or learn more here

We don't track visits to any of the dashboards (private or public) so those stats are not included.

You can learn about the very early days of Plausible on our Indie Hackers profile. We've been posting milestones since the day of the beta release.

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What a journey! We've had 1 million visitors and 3 million page views on our site since we launched the public beta in January 2019 πŸ₯³

Since we introduced user accounts and roles few weeks ago, you've invited more than 1,000 team members to Plausible! So cool! 🀯🀩

"We recommend Plausible because it's privacy-focused, provides more reliable data compared to Google Analytics, and it's extremely lightweight, so it doesn't harm your site performance"

What a surprise to start the day! Thanks Ghost! ❀️

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