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We don't track visits to any of the dashboards (private or public) so those stats are not included.

You can learn about the very early days of Plausible on our Indie Hackers profile. We've been posting milestones since the day of the beta release.

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What a journey! We've had 1 million visitors and 3 million page views on our site since we launched the public beta in January 2019 πŸ₯³

Since we introduced user accounts and roles few weeks ago, you've invited more than 1,000 team members to Plausible! So cool! 🀯🀩

"We recommend Plausible because it's privacy-focused, provides more reliable data compared to Google Analytics, and it's extremely lightweight, so it doesn't harm your site performance"

What a surprise to start the day! Thanks Ghost! ❀️

We're looking for ways to prevent these attacks from happening in the future on the custom domain server. All of our other services such as the tracking script sit behind a CDN that offers DDoS protection so that's all good.

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We thought someone had a massive traffic spike but turned out we were under DDoS attack last night!? 😱

Custom domains were down for 20 mins. All up and running fine since 🀞

Just made it to 1,000+ active installations of our WordPress plugin! πŸ“ˆ

Thanks to everyone who reviews us! πŸ™ŒπŸ€©

We've reached 4,000 subscribers and are now counting 500+ million pageviews per month! 😍

"There are many ways to track your users online. They differ in fastness, niceness, ethics. Recently I migrated everything to Plausible" πŸ”₯

We just hit $30k MRR and 3,869 subscribers with our simple, lightweight, open source and privacy first web analytics tool! Thanks for your trust and support! ❀️

Google has delayed its plan to block third-party cookies in Chrome! It now "could" phase out cookies by late 2023! 😲

20,527 sites are now using Plausible to count visitors and get actionable insights in a simple, lightweight and privacy-friendly way! 😍

In addition to inviting team members and assigning user roles, you can now also transfer the ownership of a site.

Useful for agencies and consultants. Set up the tracking, then transfer the ownership to a client so they can deal with billing.


"Moving from Google Analytics to Plausible is like going from showering outdoors with a hose to a spa day with a massage and aromatherapy."

This could be our new home page headline! πŸ˜€

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