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You may find this useful:

1. Clicks on say "utm_source=Twitter" are merged with Twitter referral source clicks. Note that UTM tags are case-sensitive so the name needs to be exactly the same

2. Plus sign in UTM tags is converted to a space in Plausible

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UTM reporting is as simple as this with Plausible:

1. Enter your dashboard
2. Click on a UTM tag in the Top Sources section
3. Dashboard now shows stats based on that tag: overall trend, pages visited, countries, devices, goals completed

Try it out:

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Plausible now has full support for UTM tags!

Track your campaigns, drill-down to see what content they drive traffic to, what type of audience they attract, and see which campaigns drive the most conversions.

All on a simple, fast-loading and easy to understand dashboard.

Some of you asked what happened in early April when we got that spike in MRR growth.

We published a blog post on April 8th and it changed the traction of our startup. More than 65,000 people have read it to date.

This is the one:

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"If it’s free, that doesn’t mean it’s free. It just means it doesn’t cost money. Instead, it costs your website visitors’ privacy"

A selection of words people had about Google Analytics (after trying Plausible for the first time):


Anything else?

Do you use UTM parameters for campaigns?

We're finalizing full UTM tags support which is to go live next week.

Would you like to test it now and send us feedback?

You liked our toot so we've now expanded it into a full-blown article.

Here's what makes Plausible a privacy-focused Google Analytics alternative

We now have 800 paying subscribers! 🥳

Here's how it went:

364 days to get to the first 100
134 days to go from 100 to 800
14 days to go from 700 to 800 🤯🚀

Thank you all for helping us reach this great milestone! 🙏🥰

We've disabled all tracking for emails that we send (weekly/monthly reports, transactional emails and blog posts to subscribers).

We can see how many emails we send but we cannot see who opens them, who clicks on what and other personal details.

"This web page did not contact any trackers"

How to get Safari's Privacy Report stamp of approval for your website

Apple Safari's new privacy report names, shames and prevents adtech tracking! 👏

Plausible doesn't use cookies and doesn't do any cross-site tracking so sites using Plausible are clear. Google on the other hand after only few mins of browsing... 👀

Congrats DuckDuckGo on the record-breaking month with 2B searches! 🥳

We just had our best day for traffic sent by DuckDuckGo too (48 visitors in a day).

Hope the trend continues

Why does pretty much every subject line from a venture capitalist email follow this exact formula?

"Plausible <> VC Brand Name"

(the latest one mentioned we could "overtake Google Analytics" which is kind)

We politely ignore them all.

It's a myth that you cannot grow a startup without sharing data with and spending money on Facebook and Google advertising.

We say no to this and other best marketing practices while still growing our MRR by 1000% in 6 months

"If JavaScript libraries are proving costly, replace them with smaller alternatives. Lighthouse in Chrome now recommends smaller libraries that improve bundle size"

Great advice from the Chrome team! Now just need to add some Google alternatives! 👀

Replace Google Analytics/Tag Manager (45.7 KB of scripts) with the 45 times smaller Plausible Analytics (<1 KB script) for an instant boost in your page speed! 🚀

In case you missed it: we’ve left Google Analytics in favor of Plausible. Read why, and learn why we like Plausible so much more with our brief review.

You now have a quick and easy access to "This Month" and "Last Month" reports in the date picker. Saves you a click or three. Enjoy!

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