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We've featured some Plausible Analytics reviews (thanks @ggarron, @elementary @danrabbit and @yarmo) on our docs and on our Product Hunt page too.

If you've written a review too, do let us know!

There's now a Plausible community integration for Nextjs sites. It provides custom events functionality too.


As seen on Twitter:

A very rare sight! A website that gets more traffic from DuckDuckGo than from Google search! 👀

The site in question that shared this image is

Woah, we're halfway there! 😃

Here's the status 12 hours into our PH experience:

885 unique visitors
13 trial signups

You can follow the live stats here

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We're number 2 on Product Hunt with more than 300 upvotes and so many amazing comments! Thank you all for your support! 😻🙏👏

This is our first time on Product Hunt so not sure what to expect! You can follow our live demo to see the traffic coming in realtime

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We're finally live on Product Hunt (with a year and a half delay or so)! 🥳

Do share your feedback and let us know what you think please! 🙏

📢 Chrome 85 is out and it will affect your analytics!

You'll have reduced granularity in the referral sources data. You'll still see the domain that sends you traffic but you won't be able to see the exact URL they link to you from.

See more 👇

A couple of months ago @elementary replaced Google Analytics with Plausible Analytics and now another popular Linux distribution has de-Googled too: Zorin OS 🥰👏

Another milestone! We got our first GitHub sponsor for Plausible Analytics Self-Hosted! Thank you Sergey!

Hash mode for single page applications (SPAs) is now live!

Plausible integrates automatically with pushState based frontend routers. If you're using a frontend framework that uses the URL hash for routing, you need to take this extra step

We've now reached 601 paying subscribers! 🥳🙏🥰

Plausible is installed on 3,638 sites and we've counted 59,351,293 pageviews in the last month. That's 60 million pageviews fewer going to the surveillance capitalism!

Our current MRR is at $3,893.

We have also fixed the issue where spaces in tracking parameters were not displayed properly (we were showing "%20"). Now it's all fine!

Last but not least: You can now see the total number of unique visitors for all the items in "Countries" and "Devices" reports. Previously we used to display the percentages only.

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You can now see the total number of goal conversions which includes all the conversions that happened within the same session.

Previously we only counted one conversion per session.

Complaints have been filed against 101 sites that still forward data about each visitor to Google Analytics despite it being in violation of the GDPR.

Just another reason to look for better alternatives...

So there's a popular thread on Twitter asking if there is a better tool than Google Analytics and so many mention Plausible 🥰

We don't do paid ads, we don't have affiliates... we grow thanks to the people who enjoy Plausible and who recommend us to others.

Thank you all! ❤️

You can now click on your site in the top left of your Plausible dashboard to quickly switch between sites in your account and get easy access to site settings too. Saves you a second (or two). Enjoy!

Popular Twitter thread asks: "Has anyone ever gotten in any sort of trouble at all for not having one of those stupid fucking cookie disclaimer dickbars on their website?"

Someone replied with: "You don‘t need a dickbar if you avoid cookies for tracking and adtech. Shoutout to Plausible"

We should put this on our home page as the new headline! 😂

"How Many People Are on This Site?"

This is a nice and transparent way to link to your public dashboard and inform your audience about stats you collect at the same time.

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