30 new subscribers joined us yesterday! We're up on 6,848 now! 🤯😍🙏

1000+ sites have been imported from Google Analytics to Plausible since we introduced our GA importer ❤️

Realtime dashboard ✅
Landing pages report ✅
Import old stats ✅
Open source ✅
Cookies ⛔️
Surveillance capitalism ⛔️

"5 benefits of switching from Google Analytics to Plausible"

Thank you Opensource.com and Wholegrain Digital! ❤️


@loosy it's caused by clickhouse. you can learn how to fix it here: github.com/plausible/analytics. our github forum is the best place for any questions or info regarding self-hosted

@cregox thanks! yeah, already spending a lot of time here and we promote it on our site too. it's just that twitter is much bigger and we get many more messages there...

@cregox thanks for your feedback!

hotjar as in screen recordings? we don't plan to add screen recordings. we focus on being lightweight and privacy-first.

about github/twitter: we are present where people that use google analytics are hanging out in order for them to learn about us and consider switching

@pabloitse @Liberapay @ru we're completely free and open source software :)

but yeah to answer the question: we're not on Liberapay, sorry

Our "embed dashboard" functionality allows you to integrate Plausible stats directly into your site.

See: plausible.io/docs/embed-dashbo

People tell us about Google Analytics realtime reporting issues. Google doesn't plan to fix those as UA is now a legacy product with no new features or bug fixes.

Instead of being forced to switch to GA4, take a look at our realtime view. It just works! 👀

Nice to see @privacyguides now using Plausible! It's a great place to find privacy-first tools and advice 🙌

@audunmb yes, it is. our customer support is the best place to ask technical questions as then we can get a developer to help out. see plausible.io/contact

@audunmb our CSV report has top 100, our stats API can get others too. perhaps some type of copy paste directly from our dashboard is easier to get them all?

Google has finally been "directed" by European Data Protection Authorities to introduce a GDPR compliant consent banner 👏

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