@plausible What do you folks recommend for separating staging from production environments? I've got two sites defined, which is fine until I need to go copy all my individual Goals from dev to prod 😅

@ellotheth have you tried running the same Plausible snippet on both? That should work so no need to duplicate the setup

@plausible If I did that, wouldn't my dev and prod analytics be all mixed together?


@ellotheth yes it would. You would need to exclude your own visits from being tracked plausible.io/docs/excluding

@plausible I use the dev environment to test new event tracking setups, so I want the dev analytics, just not mixed with the prod analytics. Batch export/import for goals would be amazing!

@ellotheth ahh I see. That's not possible at this time unfortunately. Someone else has already requested it before so there's a thread on github you can follow to get updates on our progress on it. See github.com/plausible/analytics

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