Who blocks Google Analytics most frequently?

88% of Firefox users
50% of Chrome users
41% of Safari users


And which operating system users block Google Analytics most frequently?

82% of Linux users
74% of Windows users
61% of Mac users
54% of Android users
41% of iOS users

@plausible this seems to be a lot.

In my experience users of adblockers are a minority, even on Firefox. I you look at FF's most used Add-on which is uBlock origin, it only has 4 millions users, while FF itself has 200 millions.

Maybe the number of ublock origin users is higher than that because a portion disable telemetry but it still looks unreasonable to see 50% blocking on chrome (it makes sense on FF because tracking protection blocks GG analytics)

@dreeg yeah this is higher than the average web user as this was a very tech savvy audience coming from tech savvy sources such as Hacker News and reading a post about a techie topic (Linux)

@plausible indeed the blog explains that. The toot is a bit misleading if one doesn't read the blog post linked.

Is it a from dev site or a privacy oriented one? The numbers seem high even for a dev site.

@dreeg the stats are from this post that was trending on Hacker News and /r/linux couple of days ago


Still, I'm glad to see that r/linux and hackernews block tracking.

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