Plausible vs Google Analytics: Google is missing out on a lot of visitors 🧐

@plausible I observed the same on some high-ish profile sites that I managed, where we had both GA and Matomo.

In our set-up Matomo used log analytics, so there was no way to block it from counting a visit.

The difference was not that large, about 30% from what I recall.

I wonder how much of it is people blocking trackers, and how much is different math used on GA side? GA math (what is counted as a "visit", etc) has always been *magic*, and I don't mean it in a good way.

Yeah, the traffic to this site came from tech-savvy audiences (Hacker News and Reddit) that aggressively block GA. Plausible similar like in your case was not blockable (unless you completely blocked all javascript).

@plausible @rysiek I love Plausible but I'm seeing far more services block it as well. On this Mac, for example, it is blocked with both NextDNS and 1Blocker. Still better than others but I think it's only a matter of time until y'all see the same type of inaccuracy for this.

@chris @rysiek Plausible unfortunately gets blocked by some adblockers too. if you're concerned about adblockers, running our script through a proxy is best for most accurate stats


@rysiek @chris not in the short term unfortunately. it's much more difficult to exclude bots and crawlers when dealing with server logs. we would also need to change the device report on our dashboard as screen width we cannot get with server logs

@plausible @chris that's true. Thank you for outlining this.

I should probably blog about my Matomo set-up, with bot exclusion and some other niceties, all based on log analytics. Perhaps that would become a useful resource.

Anyway, happy to see Plausible thrive! <3

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