We thought someone had a massive traffic spike but turned out we were under DDoS attack last night!? 😱

Custom domains were down for 20 mins. All up and running fine since 🤞

We're looking for ways to prevent these attacks from happening in the future on the custom domain server. All of our other services such as the tracking script sit behind a CDN that offers DDoS protection so that's all good.

@plausible what kind of a person hires a botnet to DDoS a privacy-friendly open source tool?

@plausible It seems so implausible that a privacy-friendly analytics organisation would be DDoSed. Glad to hear it was so brief and can serve as a learning exercise rather than anything worse.

@proactiveservices @plausible, I don’t find it implausible. I can imagine nefarious data miners wanting to keep things in the cloud where they can get to it because they already have back doors elsewhere. Or someone trying to take down one of PA’s customers for petty reasons.

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