Great to see Wikipedia, GitHub, Discord and so many others taking a stand and saying no to Google FLoC πŸ™Œ

The full list for now πŸ‘‰

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@silmathoron it's a list of top one million sites on the web according to the traffic as determined by one of those rating systems i believe (perhaps similarweb or alexa or one of those). so the number is their ranking in terms of popularity i think

@plausible The fact that that file exists kinda illustrates the problem with opting out.

@pixelherodev @plausible Like this is a somewhat loss for google, but this is a huge win for them as well as competitors cannot shoe more targeted ads than them. It has become impossible now

@XxAlexXx @plausible My point is that if this list keeps growing, past trends say they'll stop paying attention to the header.

See what happened with Do Not Track. A *lot* of clients set it, so, obviously, the user doesn't actually *want* it and we should ignore it.

They're *going* to ignore this if they think it'll make them more money.

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