We've reached $20k MRR and 2,910 subscribers! Thank you all! 🚀🎉❤️

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We're a 100% open source and bootstrapped team of two. We say NO to:

Paid ads
Google/Facebook spy pixels
Session recordings
Growth hacks/tricks
Dark patterns
Fancy email sequences
Sales calls

@plausible How do you handle customers who want to know more about pwople visiting their page without having to pry user's privacy

@plausible I don't agree with everything on there. Email sequences can be very helpful as a user (if they are opt-in) and A/B tests don't have to make your product more addictive, but make sure you're developing the right features.

But I think I'm getting your underlying point of that there are better and less shady things to focus your time and energy on (e.g. product development)?

@bruce for sure. it's more of a list of things we decided not to do and why rather than a list of things you should not do. many of these can be ethical and useful too if done correctly. we also have a list of the things we do here

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