Onboarded our largest subscriber yet! A site with 150 million monthly pageviews! 🀯

Speed is a key feature for us so we made the dashboard load fast even at those traffic levels. They got on a yearly plan after a successful trial πŸ₯°

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@plausible Congrats on the big win! That's exciting and has my attention πŸ˜€

Would be interested in reading a case study from the clients web team why they've chosen Plausible (and their team setup). Are they running multiple analytics as verification to monitor any blocking/loss of GA or Matomo? Or is Plausible their only analytics.

Do they have data analysts in their team? Or is it not that important to their biz at the moment etc.

Again, congrats πŸ˜€ πŸŽ‰

@vancano thanks! Plausible is their only analytics now that they completed the trial.

Other than that, we don't really ask any questions nor ask sites to come forward to create case studies.

There's a completely free 30 day trial which allows you to test everything and see how it works for your use case


I tested Plausible over Christmas and it does exactly as your marketing says; Beautiful and simple analytics. I can see it being a good tool for some of my small freelance clients, rather than building data studio dashboards for them. You've positioned your self really well! Kudos.

The thing I was struggling to figure out on an enterprise level is not having user journeys or attribution modelling.

But I've thought about it and I can see a possible use case. 1/3


At 150 million monthly pageviews GA is beyond useless. You'd hit sampling every day (if not every few hours), Google 360 is a stupid price, so you need real deep pockets for it (and I'm not sure it would stretch to 150 mil/mo?).

If your base metrics are sampled/not trustworthy then the more advanced analysis tools are irrelevant.

Better to gather a solid baseline that you can build off and look for ways to do more advanced analytics later once you've made a business case. 2/3


Matomo is also expensive at that volume of traffic.

Where as I don't think Plausible samples, and it looks to be reasonably priced.

I really like the ability to host the analytics script 1st party. That's brilliant.

If it could do user journeys then it would be brilliant. Connecting to a data viz tool (or native) would be the icing on the cake. 3/3

@vancano thanks for the feedback! we're a small team so taking it one step at a time. we have entry and exit pages which help understand the journey plus very flexible custom events which also provide referral sources for converted traffic. perhaps we'll be able to add full journeys and/or funnels at some point. we also have the stats API which allows you to take any of your data and bring it wherever you want. what are you looking for exactly in attribution modelling?

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