We're exploring a sticky header to make it easier to use filters and to have a quick access to the date picker. You can try it out on our staging site.

What do you think?


When click on the drop-down in the header it appear, but I expect it to disappear once I click again.

Seems like small UX issue.

@dreeg thanks! i'm not sure i understand what you mean exactly. could you clarify please? thanks!


When the dropdown is deployed, clicking in the circled area doesn't do anything.

I would expect it to close the dropdown.

@dreeg ahh i see what you mean! this is the current behaviour even without the sticky header. thanks for your feedback!

@plausible I’ve noticed a couple of nuances that would be nice to improve. More UX than something being broken. Where’s the correct place to report this? GitHub Issue maybe?

@kev thank you Kev! GitHub issue is a good place. the work was done in this pull request but you can also create a new one too

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