We broke our record again!? 🤯

19 new subscribers yesterday! 🎉

The next subscriber will be subscriber number 1400! 🤗

Just got a notification from Paddle (our payment processor) that we have our subscriber number 1400!

And it's a big site on the 500k monthly page views plan! 😍


Presale question please:
I have read the docs and I know that it is possible to send analytics email by weekly and monthly.

But, is it possible to send daily email as well?

@heavenly_general no, unfortunately not daily. only every monday and/or every 1st of the month. is this key to you? no one has yet asked for this feature so we could put it on our list of feature requests here:


Thanks for your very quick reply. Yes, daily analytics email is very important to me. It is one of my way to give value to my clients.

@heavenly_general i see. thanks for the feedback. how do you feel about our feature that allows you to share dashboard with a private, secure and (optionally) password protected link? that's what many of our freelance/agency users use to send to their clients. see

@plausible Dashboard sharing with link is very neat facility. I also read that facility on the docs and I love it.

But, sending the analytics data directly to the clients' emails without any PDF file or the need to click a link is a super wonderful value proposition.

Nevertheless, weekly and monthly analytics email is actually already wonderful as well.

@heavenly_general ok thank you. i have added this feature request to our github now so we'll take a look

i'd also recommend you try the private dashboard with a client or two to see what they say. in general the feedback we got from freelancers/agencies is that their clients love. pretty, fast, easy to use and easy to understand. clients seem to love it compared to what they are used to...


Thanks for your help. I really appreciate it. I am going to give Plausible a try soon.

@heavenly_general you're welcome! enjoy Plausible! and do share any other feedback when you do have it.

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