Who knew a license change would be such a hot topic! 🤣

So many supportive messages and advice all over the place including from some of the largest projects. Made it onto LWN too. 13k+ read our post. Thank you all! 🙏

We also got our first ever refund request due to this! 😱

@plausible Congratulations! Your change of licence is very good news, you made it. ^^

@plausible It is a non-free software license, though, right? I understand that it upset people.

@stevenroose it is a completely free and open source license authored and recommended by Free Software Foundation (FSF) and the GNU project for software that is run in the cloud. see


> What are the restrictions with the AGPLv3?

> A corporation needs to...

> If a corporation modifies the original software, they need to...

Doesn't sound free to me, tbh. Free as in freedom.
Anyhow. I'm excited by the project and wish you the best of luck of course!

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