"We believe that every app developer is entitled to fair treatment and that every consumer should have complete control over their own device"

Great app fairness initiative by Basecamp, Spotify, ProtonMail and more! Using Plausible on their site too! 😍

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@plausible Great, even though I'm a bit surprised to see Spotify on that list... πŸ™‚

@z428 @plausible
Spotify was one of the first to publicly rail against Apple's policies (see 'about the coalition').

It just a campaign against Apple, but apparently everything that GπŸ‘€gle does is fine πŸ™„ Doesn't GπŸ‘€gle also have a 30% tax?

Also, Apple is a walled garden where they control everything. Always has been. And that has benefits for their users.
You don't like it (like me)? Don't use their platform.
Partaking in it and then complaining about it seems hypocritical to me.

@FreePietje Ah okay, that makes much sense. Having quite a large crowd of musicians among my friends, Spotify seems to be a sworn enemy for other reasons, so I'm always a bit cautious when it comes to giving them good publicity - and in this case, again, this just seems reasonable. 😐


@z428 @plausible they're into building monopolies, not suffering like plebs under the monopoly of other tech companies πŸ™ƒ

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