"What Plausible is to Google Analytics, is there anything similar in the space of [insert product/niche]? I am looking for a paid hosted service that has source code published. The model 💓"

Love this by @yarmo!

Which product do you need a Plausible-like alternative for? 😃

@plausible @yarmo Vimeo or some type of video hosting. Also a chat box for website

@nickchuckwalter @plausible @yarmo For video hosting you could check out, which works on the same protocol as Mastodon, so you can boost peertube comments here :)

@plausible @yarmo I'd like a Plausible-like alternative to Grammarly. I love their product and it's the best one at helping me write better (I've tested many) but would be better without all that tracking, sharing of data and re-targeting around the web. Would make it faster too.

@markosaric @plausible I actually didn't know what Grammarly was 🙈 but this sounds like an open source alternative with monetization should be feasible!

@yarmo @plausible yes i think there's a great opportunity in this space. and very needed too. at least for people that write

@markosaric @yarmo @plausible they have a keyboard for Android also. Pretty neat concept, it's GSF dependent tho, so I'm not sure how well of works on a build without Gapps.

@Decentralize_today @plausible @yarmo something along those lines but more like Grammarly. I've tested them side by side several times over several years and it's easy to see (at least for my writing) that Grammarly finds so many more improvements and other suggestions

@plausible @yarmo I dream of a Google photo alternative : easy to used, easy to sync photo from iPhone/Android phone, easy to share
The last Google piece to remove from my life for a selfhost solution

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