New feature is live! 📢

You can now click on any referral source for a referral drill-down. See the traffic sent to you by that referral source and the entry pages too.

Here's our Google search traffic including search terms and entry pages

@plausible Can you see complete referrers in Plausible, with query strings and all intact?

@plausible Ah, but that won't help with links you cannot control. What's the reason for not showing them? GA also hides them by default and I was really annoyed by it.

@nicd what exact query parameters do you have in mind? we support by default ref, source and utm_source. we also plan to add full UTM tags support

@plausible I mean let's say a user comes from ""

If I can't see "?item=469243" then I'll be left wondering where the traffic came from. Especially if it's a big site. They might not add any query arguments to the link so I have to rely on the referrer. What's the reason for hiding it?

@nicd the initial idea was to minimize data collection as much as possible as sometimes the parameters can have personal data such as email addresses. but we're happy to review again if you submit github issue with details and we can see what the community says. thanks!

@plausible That's fair. Personally I use it since it's sent in a header without me asking for it and I could find it from server logs anyway.

Not going to make an issue as I'm not a Plausible user, just a rando chatting to pass the time. :)

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