If this Hacker News traffic continues for a few more hours, we may break our own record today.

Current best day is April 8th with 25,817 unique visitors.

You can follow our live traffic here

@plausible Suggestion: have a point or a bar or something where it currently goes, but have the dotted line actually go to (proportion-of-column-elapsed, visitors / proportion-of-column-elapsed) so it's an approximation of where the line will actually end up.

The way it currently works confuses me; I only “got it” after trying to figure out the discrepancy between that screenshot and the page I'm looking at now.

If you want me to put this on any issue tracker, I (probably) can.

@wizzwizz4 i think i understand what you mean and it makes sense to do. would you be able to add it to Github please and we'll discuss? thanks!

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