New day, more trouble for Google

"Google misled consumers to obtain their consent to expand the scope of personal information that Google could collect and combine about consumers’ internet activity, for use by Google, including for targeted advertising"

@plausible Can these tech giants truly be trusted and can the EU / UK data regulators be trusted to act, act quickly and tough to send a clear message.

@zleap i think data regulators are our main hope so i do hope so! the tech-savvy people can somewhat take care of themselves but it is unrealistic to expect non-techy people to do much to counter the tech giants so regulation is the hope

@plausible Well the GDPR is meant to hit people with 4% of global turnover, until that happens, and they are made to pay, and given the same right to appeal as the people whose data they abused (as in probably non) it will carry on.

I would also argue the msot we can do as non techy uses is to boycott easier said than done. I am using disroot for e-mail (Netherlands) and also cryptpad (france) for cloud services,

So not the big players but the are EU based and have to comply with the GDPR

With the agreement between the US and EU ruled invalid it has implications, but no one is really ever discussing the alternatives.

@zleap hoping that the regulators will start taking action soon!

@plausible problem is they appeal and get out of fines in some way, we are weak and they take advantage of that weakness.

If you look at facebook adn hate, it is getting worse, I did suggest to a colleague from code club on the issue of child abuse images.

It seems if you upload a photo (any) to facebook they end up with some ownership to allow them to do what they want with it, What we should do is take that, and use it so that when child abuse images are uploaded facebook are charged with possession and distribution, arrest the execs and charge them.

So facebook have a UK office, so start with the execs in the UK office and work down. They will soon start to panic.

Time to get tough, only then will the people at the top start to act.

@plausible That link is now broken ("Access denied"). Here's the new link:

(2020 and media still don't know what a Uniform Resource Locator is)

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