We now have an "About" page where you can learn more about us, steps we've taken to make Plausible privacy-friendly and our values and plans for the project.

@plausible you write "the full-time team is based in the EU" - but isn‘t one of you from London, which technically isn‘t in the EU anymore? 🤔

@optikfluffel UK is still technically in the EU until end of this year. but no, that old footer where we mentioned London was from last year and Uku moved from the UK at some point last year. we actually just updated the footer too alongside the addition of this new about page

@plausible according to Wikipedia it isn't a member of the EU anymore, but I really don't want to argue about that.

Just fyi: I got the info, that he is from London, from his Twitter account, which is linked right on top of your about page.

@optikfluffel yeah there's this transition period now until the end of the year so they still have to follow all EU rules but after that nobody knows yet. we recently moved all of our servers to the EU because of that reason too as there are doubts about what will happen to the GDPR in the UK after this year...

i'll tell him to update his twitter :)


Guess which analytics package @libreture uses...

Yes, @plausible!

Their privacy and ethical principles dovetail nicely with ours.

And I like that they're keeping a close eye on data sovereignty and GDPRs future in/out of the EU.


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