You can now click on your site in the top left of your Plausible dashboard to quickly switch between sites in your account and get easy access to site settings too. Saves you a second (or two). Enjoy!

Popular Twitter thread asks: "Has anyone ever gotten in any sort of trouble at all for not having one of those stupid fucking cookie disclaimer dickbars on their website?"

Someone replied with: "You don鈥榯 need a dickbar if you avoid cookies for tracking and adtech. Shoutout to Plausible"

We should put this on our home page as the new headline! 馃槀

"How Many People Are on This Site?"

This is a nice and transparent way to link to your public dashboard and inform your audience about stats you collect at the same time.

You can grow a startup without following the "best marketing practices". We don't do:

Paid advertising
Pixels from Facebook and Google
Session recordings
A/B testing
Affiliate marketing
Fancy email sequences
Chat bots

New feature! 馃摙

You can now click on any of your pages to get a breakdown of the traffic for that specific page.

You can also click on any referral source to see the traffic sent to that page by that referrer.

We're putting the finishing touches to something new 馃憖

The ability to click on any of your pages and get the complete page drilldown...

Whoops! This is what happens following a record breaking week! 馃憖

No panic. Short terms traffic fluctuations are normal, especially if you hit the top of Hacker News. Difficult to sustain those traffic levels.

Wait for more long-term trends to emerge before making changes.

We've just hit $3,000 MRR with 483 subscribers! 馃く

Here's how it went:

May 14, 2019: First subscriber
April 2, 2020: $415 MRR (in 324 days)
May 27: $1,000 MRR (55 days)
July 6: $2,000 MRR (40 days)
August 7: $3,000 MRR (32 days) 馃コ

Thank you all for supporting us 鉂わ笍馃檹

We've got a bit of feedback on the usage and needs around UTM tags reporting.

There are now 4 ideas for potential solutions. If you're interested in UTM tags, do take a look and have your say in what works best for you. Thanks!

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You can now see the total number of your direct traffic and other dark traffic (visits without a referrer) in the Top Sources report listed as Direct / None.

You can learn more about the referrer header and dark traffic here

Full UTM tag support is a popular feature request and we'd like to build it soon but need some feedback.

What would you like to see and where? How would you like to use it?

Do share any thoughts please

July was a month of broken records for Plausible Analytics:

Most traffic ever
Record traffic day
Most trials ever
Biggest day in terms of the number of new paying subscribers

And a lot of development work too! See the recap

We now have more than 2,000 stars on GitHub 馃ぉ

Thanks to all of you for your support! 馃グ

We have a new community integration!

A Hugo theme component to add Plausible Analytics and custom goals to your Hugo site.

"Hugo makes building websites fun again" and Plausible makes checking stats fun again 馃榾

There's now a Discourse forum for Plausible for those topics where Github issues don't fit the purpose

Chrome has a browser market share of 71% and it will make a change to its referrer policy this month.

The referrer header will be reduced to only show the top-level domain. It means that you won't be able to see the full URL path in the referral sources.

How we bootstrapped Plausible Analytics from $400 to $2,750 MRR in 135 days without paid advertising

And for more details on how we bootstrapped Plausible Analytics from $400 to $2,750 MRR in 135 days without advertising, take a look at this:

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Record number of trial signups too with 617. Previous record was 515 trials in May. Google is the top source of signups.

If our "trial to paid" conversion rate of 33.5% continues, there may be hundreds more sites removing Google Analytics this month.

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