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To celebrate $10k MRR, we're dedicating 5% of our revenue to the environment and open source. That's $842 in January alone!

Every subscriber contributes to this and the price you pay doesn’t change. Thank you for helping us make a bit of a difference!


30 new subscribers joined us yesterday! We're up on 6,848 now! 🤯😍🙏

1000+ sites have been imported from Google Analytics to Plausible since we introduced our GA importer ❤️

Realtime dashboard ✅
Landing pages report ✅
Import old stats ✅
Open source ✅
Cookies ⛔️
Surveillance capitalism ⛔️

"5 benefits of switching from Google Analytics to Plausible"

Thank you and Wholegrain Digital! ❤️

Our "embed dashboard" functionality allows you to integrate Plausible stats directly into your site.


People tell us about Google Analytics realtime reporting issues. Google doesn't plan to fix those as UA is now a legacy product with no new features or bug fixes.

Instead of being forced to switch to GA4, take a look at our realtime view. It just works! 👀

Nice to see @privacyguides now using Plausible! It's a great place to find privacy-first tools and advice 🙌

Google has finally been "directed" by European Data Protection Authorities to introduce a GDPR compliant consent banner 👏

📢 You can now choose a different metric to display on the top graph!

Working with clients? Our transfer site ownership functionality can be useful. It allows you to set the sites up and then transfer ownership so your clients can deal with the billing.


More than 500 websites have been successfully imported to Plausible from Google Analytics since we introduced our GA importer! 👋

📢 You can now import your historical Google Analytics stats into your Plausible dashboard. The stats are imported from your first GA visitor until your first Plausible visitor.


560 new subscribers joined our cookie-less and open source web analytics last month (a new record)! 🤯

📢 We've made some improvements to the date picker.

There's now a brand new "All time" view, a "Year to Date" report and a shortcut that takes you directly to the stats for "Yesterday".

All of our keyboard shortcuts:

"File Downloads" joins our growing list of script extensions that allow you to get enhanced measurements.

You can combine extensions any way that you wish. See

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📢 You can now track file downloads! All the most common file extensions are supported but you can also specify custom file types to track.

Here's how to enable file downloads tracking

📢 "Contains" is now available as a filter type for page-based metrics to help you better group your pages.

Exodus from Google Analytics continues! 29 new subscribers yesterday makes it our best day yet. Welcome to simple, lightweight and privacy-friendly analytics 🤗

📢 You can now get the number of sessions (or visits) by using our Stats API!

Details 👉

The recap is here:

1⃣ Current version of Google Analytics will stop tracking stats on July 1st 2023
2⃣ You'll need to export your data as you’ll lose access to your historical stats
3⃣ There's no way to import your old data into the new GA4

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