Does anyone know of any FOSS music services like Spotify? I don't really thinks it's possible and exists, but maybe there is at least something that is privacy-oriented.

@plasticScript i think theres only local files. As most music holds copyright and would be extremely hard to stream drm free with a open source program without people just ripping the files off the servers for free.

For privacy respecting thats similar to Spotify, the only thing i can think about is Deezer. As its EU based.

@jex @plasticScript I use

It’s DRM free, exposes music as a stream that plays well with VLC, supports 320kbps MP3, and the playlists are pretty great

@plasticScript There's a few options for setting up a similar service with open source. But not sure off hand of anyone has any actually open to the public. It's mostly a personal streaming option.

@plasticScript Could Funkwhale fit the bill? I haven't tried it yet but I saw it mentioned by someone else recently:

@plasticScript not exactly what you're looking for but I can't sing the praise of Bandcamp loud enough. Not like Spotify but with songs available to listen to for free, some you can buy and when you buy it it's DRM free.
The site have articles about new music (with songs to listen to in the text) so if you're like me, older, you get to find new music you would otherwise miss.

Again though: not like Spotify exactly but good.

@plasticScript You won't find anything FOSS with content from big labels, because they make DRM a requirement for streaming services.

@plasticScript I use music from for my projects. It's a sizeable collection of music from independent musicians published under creative commons licenses. It's of course nothing like Spotify but I like it and it has good quality music.

@plasticScript BTW: for streaming over my own network I've created a server with the FLOSS squeezebox server software.

For the client side I use Squeezebox equipment which has very good quality and is relatively cheap nowadays but you can even build your own client with Squeezeslave or Softsqueeze.

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