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You might have read that Angelfish now has a built-in ad blocker. Today I wrote down how the implementation was done, since it involves Rust code in a C++ project:

More Xmas presents from KDE: Say hello to NeoChat, the new instant messaging app for the Matrix network. Find out how it works on mobile and desktops, learn about its cool features and how you can contribute to its success in the launch announcement.

Plasma Mobile news for Nov./Dec.: Across the board improvements to notifications and apps, a theme that increases speed while reducing RAM usage, chat with the NeoChat app and surf the web with a stabler Angelfish that includes a new ad-blocker.

I just added a new feature to NeoChat, a Kirigami based @matrix client. Now we have a fancy (but still simple) image editor build-in.

Pre-Orders for the #PinePhone KDE Community edition are open! Get a glimpse of the future of free and open mobile phones, experiment with all the new features, and help us turn #PlasmaMobile into a mature mobile OS.


Remember: orders for the #PinePhone KDE Community edition open tomorrow at around midday UTC. Don't miss ordering yours!


KDE and @PINE64 Introduce the PinePhone - KDE Community edition.

Experience the future of KDE's open mobile platform here:

The @kde dev team has released new updates for covering improvements to the lock screen, KClock and Calindori, among others. Also look out for new apps landing soon, such as Alligator (an RSS feed reader) and Neochat, a native Matrix IM client.

Thanks to work of @notmart and @AleixPol , we now have the window thumbnails in task switcher of Plasma Mobile, powered by .

has a new virtual keyboard, an overhauled lockscreen, an optimized clock app and a (work in progress) game center! Read up about all the changes here:

Check out the videos of our @kde sprint and workshop held in April, and find out how they helped improve the location of train stations on maps for KTrip, led to the creation of day and week views in Calindori, squashed bugs in Okular, and more.

Now rendering the first video of the Virtual Sprint workshops.

Thanks to our kool friends at for great application! 😎

#Akademy2020 goes online! Clear your calendar from September 4 to September 11 for talks, panels, workshops and BoFs on KDE projects and applications, Plasma, Plasma Mobile, coding, contributing and more.

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