Check out @kde Gear 21.12! This release packs tons of new features and apps, improvements to performance and stability, revamped interface designs, and much more.

Highlights to look forward to: gPodder syncing in Kasts, MMS support in Spacebar, and the migration from oFono to ModemManager.

@plasmamobile @kde That looks absolutely gorgeous 😍
Way too bright for my eyes but still 🧛

@Blort @plasmamobile @kde Good to know, thanks!
I must soon take the out of its drawer and try out the latest version :kdedark:

@totoroot @plasmamobile @kde

Ugh. Just as I said this, they refactored some stuff and some of the KCM (Kde Control Modules) haven't been ported over yet and so don't show up in system settings yet, and... well, it *was* easy to change to a dark mode, and it *will* be again soon, but right now... temporarily... not so much, at least in the dev builds. Non dev builds may still have the old setup. Thought I should mention this before anyone tried and went crazy looking!

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