@plasmamobile @PINE64 @kde
Great! The Librem5 is unaffordable for most. I see this as great option to get FOSS phones into peoples hands without breaking the bank!

@plasmamobile @PINE64 @kde Thanks for helping make it. I've been impatiently waiting for mine and am excited that it is almost here

Imagine! KDE/plaama in a phone and I've always been led to believe its a resource hungry system!
I am definitely interested in this!
@PINE64 @kde

@PINE64 I ordered mine on the first of January, but I have not recieved any shiping info yet?

@PINE64 @plasmamobile @kde
Yes,but I can't able to set delivery location at India. Website not allowed to select and place the order for India

@soundarkrish @plasmamobile @kde Sorry, I just checked on it. There's currently shipping restrictions outside our control for India.

@PINE64 @plasmamobile @kde
I have found below website for buying pinephone and pine accessories at india. The website is fabtolab.com/pine64-pinephone-.
Is any possible options for getting your phone via this website.

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