@plasmamobile @PINE64 @kde I really like how most mobile Linux distributions are focusing on open hardware like the PinePhone now instead of trying to get anything to run on locked down Android shit which is a pain to install for users.Open hardware devices are the future!

@plasmamobile @kde @PINE64 I'll gladly test this once my PinePhone gets shipped ;)
Who knows, I might even be able to contribute a little.

@plasmamobile @kde @PINE64 I love KDE and respect that people are doing this at the expense of their free time for the benefit of all, but the calculator UI looks so cramped, even the clock that looks interesting has two really small ~~buttons~~ text for OK and Cancel that will undoubtedly make for a poor UX.

@saligari @plasmamobile @PINE64 These apps are very much WiP. They will undoubtedly change a lot in the near future.

@plasmamobile @kde @PINE64 Just flashed the latest image to emmc on my pinephone. It's extremely slow, unusable unfortunately

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