We are happy to resume the Plasma Mobile by @kde updates series.

This time, new applications, working rotation, performance improvements and several application updates.

Read more at:

@kde Эта статья теперь доступна и на русском:

This article is now available in Russian as well, Thanks @ilya_b for sharing.

@plasmamobile @kde But why does that start screen have to be so spectaculary ugly?

@irina If you have constructive suggestion on how to improve, please provide it or best yet, please provide patch to fix it. Otherwise refrain from commenting.

@irina I'm sorry if that was rude, but I am kind of fed up of complaints which says this is ugly but doesn't provide concrete feedback on what we can do to fix it.

@bshah Use a different picture? (That's the only thing I can contribute, I'm neither an artist nor a programmer)

@plasmamobile @kde is calling and mobile internet already working on the Pinephone?

@lioh Yes, calling should work in Plasma Mobile images. Mobile data works but requires some tinkering based on distribution you are using.

@plasmamobile @kde i like that picture, dont change that now since it tells me quickly that the news is about PM.

@plasmamobile @kde I personally think the main screen design looks fine. Definitely a thousand times better than before.

@plasmamobile @kde Amazing progress! Anglefish was unusable before, but now it's pretty damn good!

Very exciting to hear about all the progress! Looking forward to trying out this stuff once I get my librem phone.

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