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The @kde dev team has released new updates for covering improvements to the lock screen, KClock and Calindori, among others. Also look out for new apps landing soon, such as Alligator (an RSS feed reader) and Neochat, a native Matrix IM client.

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Thanks everyone for participating in poll. We are planning to start sessions at 13:00 UTC / 15:00 CEST tomorrow.

Current topics include:

- Run on the desktop [ @bshah ]
- How to use ofono-phonesim [ @Jbb ]
- Introduction to [ @nicofee ]
- Porting apps to Android [ @nicofee ]

More details at:

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The @kde team release the 21.07 update. It includes improvements to the overall performance of the environment; many new features in Kast, the podcast app; and stylistic tweaks to KClock, KRecorder, and KWeather, among many other things.

Ready for the new updates for ? @kde Plasma-for-your-Phone introduces the first steps towards multiple homescreens, timers for KClock, new podcast and Mastodon apps, and much, much more.

The next Neochat release will give your more customization opportunities. Allowing you to change NeoChat's color scheme, switch between a compact mode and bubble mode and enable fancy animation on some emojis: 🎉 , ❄️ and 🎆 . All that in a more organized setting interface!

Using pmOS on the OnePlus 6! Performance is quite good, and works great in browsing and listening to music through Elisa. Thanks for audio support @calebccff 😄

The new version of KDE's @matrix chat app, Neochat is out! NeoChat 1.2 comes with bubbles, a better text input component, fancy effects, an easier way to switch between accounts and much more. Go check it out!

Everything is ready for tomorrow's NeoChat 1.2 release :) Here a sneak peek!

We just added three new apps to PlasmaTube (a YouTube client), AudioTube (a Youtube Music client) and Kasts (a podcast player).

Just some screenshots of the Webbrowser running on the

Angelfish is the default Plasma mobile browser developed mobile first using QT/Kirigami, QtWebengine (Blink) and the Brave Adblocker. It's fast, mobile friendly, good looking and light weight but still has a few crashes (at least on Phosh).
Big thanks to @kde for this fantastic browser and make sure to follow them and @plasmamobile for more good stuff :D

About two months ago I decided to use my spare time to work on a Plasma Mobile/Kirigami podcast player. Mostly because I wanted to do a hobby project to learn qml. And also a bit because there seemed to be no (mobile) linux podcast players which were anywhere near what I wanted to see in a podcast player.

Two months later I suddenly find myself with developer access to KDE and a project under review for regular release through KDE / plasma mobile. 😃

I love the FOSS and KDE communities!

Introducing the first ever @kde + LMMS Sound Competition 🎶! Get your sounds on to Plasma Mobile, win KDE goodies and have your music 🎸 promoted to tens of thousands of users!

Check out the rules at

Submit your sounds to:


Feeling adventurous? Try out @mauiproject's Beta Package apps for Android. Get to test the bleeding edge versions of the Index file manager, Vvave music player, Clip video player, Nota text editor, and many, many more.

Exactly one year ago, I made my first contribution to KDE. So many things happened since then, my C++/Qt skills improved so much, and Plasma Mobile also grew so much. Thank you KDE! #KDE #plasmamobile

Developers have also fixed bugs, added two-stage notification/quick settings drawer to the top of the shell, improved the performance of the lock screen, and started working on multiple pages on the home-screen.

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The @kde team has been hard at work making existing apps easier and more fun to use, and adding brand new ones to the catalog. Discover what's new with NeoChat, Elisa, Plasmatube, DayKountdown, Kolibri and many more great apps for your phone.

More gestures are coming to... Angelfish web browser! Tabs are now in a mobile friendly drawer, and swiping left or right on the navigation bar can now change pages!

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