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The @kde dev team has released new updates for covering improvements to the lock screen, KClock and Calindori, among others. Also look out for new apps landing soon, such as Alligator (an RSS feed reader) and Neochat, a native Matrix IM client.

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Thanks everyone for participating in poll. We are planning to start sessions at 13:00 UTC / 15:00 CEST tomorrow.

Current topics include:

- Run on the desktop [ @bshah ]
- How to use ofono-phonesim [ @Jbb ]
- Introduction to [ @nicofee ]
- Porting apps to Android [ @nicofee ]

More details at:

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Feeling adventurous? Try out @mauiproject's Beta Package apps for Android. Get to test the bleeding edge versions of the Index file manager, Vvave music player, Clip video player, Nota text editor, and many, many more.

Exactly one year ago, I made my first contribution to KDE. So many things happened since then, my C++/Qt skills improved so much, and Plasma Mobile also grew so much. Thank you KDE! #KDE #plasmamobile

Developers have also fixed bugs, added two-stage notification/quick settings drawer to the top of the shell, improved the performance of the lock screen, and started working on multiple pages on the home-screen.

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The @kde team has been hard at work making existing apps easier and more fun to use, and adding brand new ones to the catalog. Discover what's new with NeoChat, Elisa, Plasmatube, DayKountdown, Kolibri and many more great apps for your phone.

More gestures are coming to... Angelfish web browser! Tabs are now in a mobile friendly drawer, and swiping left or right on the navigation bar can now change pages!

The Elisa mobile layout has finally been merged! Very excited for the music player to be on on my !

The team has released a new update about their progress. The homescreen is now more intuitive, a new mobile interface was added to Elisa, Koko got an image editor and much more...

Kaidan 0.7 also works nicely on the with @plasmamobile!

So additionally to telephony and SMS, you can also connect with your friends via on a 100% open-source device!

Thanks to the awesome work of @alexeymin, Discover now supports #apk (the Alpine Linux package manager)! Coming soon in a @postmarketOS edge upgrade near you, and also the upcoming v21.03 release!

I've received my #PinePhone #KDE community edition today, and I'm quite impressed by the hardware and software, congratulations to everybody involved!

Update is necessary immediately, as I was not able to close an app before it, but once it's done it's working well.

So this year I'll try to find time to port the #Libervia #XMPP client on #FOSS mobile OSes.

It was obvious but just saying again, @kde @plasmamobile does not have any control over what you can or can not install on your phone. ❤️

New video:
Getting started with the KDE Community Edition PinePhone


This video is mainly for new users and hopefully helps with onboarding!

CC @plasmamobile @ManjaroARM @kde @PINE64

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