The point of these toots that no one may ever read is that I have been inspired by the FOSS to give back, connect, live. So thanks you strangers who are great friends to all.

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All the while I believe that the only thing that matters is showing love to others. People do it by protesting for change, fixing someone's car, or connecting across the country or world to give a few words of encouragement or support.

A huge way that people show line is through FOSS. It takes work and dedication to provide something for other people to use, for free. No compensation other than knowing that you made/updated something that someone else appreciates. I love this community.

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I don't post articles or links to things I find interesting or possibly helpful to other people. I don't interact with people at all. I use the internet as a tool and resource, but not as a means of connection with other people.

This used to make me feel comfortable and safe but now I see wasted opportunities for connection. People matter, and the people who make life better for everyone by putting up an instructional video or just sharing a relatively small experience with others are amazing.

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I am a leech unto the web. I take torrents, instructions, movies, books, music, art, ideas, blueprints, news, philosophy, advice, experiences, software - and I give nothing back.

I don't post my own experiences in forums, seed torrents, or create anything. No blog, youtube channel, debate of ideas, loving support, or cup of coffee donation to people who put time and effort into making something better for everyone.

I'm not helping anyone and that strikes me as profoundly unacceptable.

I have a few Raspberry Pi Pico boards on order.

Anyone have any fun with those yet or have opinions on the differences between the Pico and Uno R3 Arduino boards?


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