I just installed the latest Postmarket OS (with Phosh) on a Pinephone and goodness they have come a long way.

The OS is basically usable. Which is amazing on such an underpowered device.

Also, convergence worked for me for the first time :) And yeah, I could easily use this with Helix Editor + git for development work on the go. (Keep in mind my daily dev machine is a 16-core desktop with 64GB RAM. So, no, it’s not the same experience. But is it usable? Heck yes.)

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@aral The fact that we consider the PinePhone underpowered says a lot about us as a culture, I think.

I know *I* can't do two billion calculations every second :P

@pixelherodev@fosstodon.org @aral@mastodon.ar.al we can't do two billion per second but we can do insanely complex ones in nanoseconds.

a computer has a lot of issues with "how far to the left do i need to jump to catch a ball -- also i'll be landing on dirt", which is to say it takes two billion calculations for a computer to figure out.

off topic but maybe give our old meatbags
some credit 😌

@purple @aral Our old meatbags also *cheat*.

They don't do the calculations at all, they just create a giant map of inputs -> results and look it up.

In other words, we DO have to do those calculations, we then ALSO have to MEMORIZE the results, and the longer we go without *using* them, the more likely we'll have to recompute them AGAIN.

@pixelherodev @purple @aral So our brains are basically just look-up tables? 😂​

@48kRAM @purple @aral Nah, we also have some wiring to create those LUTs and self-correct them if their results are wrong.

I mean, that's basically how artificial NNs work, too.

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