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Advocating for keeping people poor/suffering for the sake of the economy is like advocating for taking a car off of a cliff because that'll make it go faster.

I literally never have complaints about computer performance, even though all my processors are either 10 years old or as fast as if they were.

Then I try building Linux, and suddenly I go from existentialist to nihilist.

That feeling when your terminal buffer is infinitely sized and you run out of memory because your interpreter spams dozens of megabytes per second while you walk out of the room for a bit

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Tired: Make wubsite fast with CDN, thousands of locations, every major city

Wired: Make wubsite fast with delete stupid js you don't need

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This insanity 😔 « How mining devastated this New York town - Between rising rates and soaring costs, is taking its toll on communities » by Lois Parshley

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Did I *need* to implement hooks in for that are loosely compatible with 's? No.

Did I want to? Honestly, not really; I was mostly just fucking around.

Are they awesome anyways? Well, no; it'd make more sense to just hook on the "put" directly instead of pretending to be Kakoune.

Does that mean I don't love this:

hook BufWritePost '.*\.go' 'if(out=`{go/main fmt $p}){
if(! ~ $ 0){
echo get >/mnt/acme/$w/ctl
go/main build && go/main test

Nope, I love it :D

Are there any good alternatives to Inkscape that don't have GTK or Rust as dependencies? Trying (again) for a lightweight Gentoo-musl system, worst case I'll just use pen and paper...

@TheEvilSkeleton Software outside of the sandbox can access the OnlineAccounts framework. Software *inside* the sandbox can do anything software outside of the sandbox can, if given file system access, with just an extra step in the middle.

Ergo, software inside the sandbox *can* access the OnlineAccounts framework even if it's not supposed to be able to.

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It also needs 1.5 cores; my older one was single-threaded :P

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Downside to an overconcurrent needlessly low-level emulator: it barely manages 2.5MHz of NOPs on my PC.

The more sensible interpreter I wrote in my first year of HIGH SCHOOL managed over 100 times that on a garbage Celeron laptop >_>

Hehehe this is way too fun

func (CPU *CPU) Launch() {
go CPU.RegisterFile.Loop();
go CPU.Fetch.Loop();
go CPU.Decode.Loop();
go CPU.Clock.Loop();
go CPU.ALU.Loop();

Haha, terrible but fun way to emulate stuff: Use Go. Make each block of functionality a goroutine. Use channels as buses.

Fetch: send a signal to the register file to put PC on the address bus. Send a signal to RAM to read from the given address onto the data bus. The RAM goroutine reads the address from the address channel, and writes the data there to the data channel.

Decode: read the instruction from the data bus. Signal different pieces as needed.

etc, etc, running out of typing space :P

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Fucking looool

Whilst working on Other Stuff, I decided to exercise my curiosity on whether @kvik's port of lua to Plan 9 ( would successfully run Fennel ( and the results are hilarious. Here is a screenshot of me literally downloading the fennel script, chmodding it so it'll run, fixing up the #! and then using the fennel repl to take a screenshot of the window I did it all in.

I wasn't expecting to have that degree of success so quickly!

#9front #plan9 #lua #fennel

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