Can you recommend me some Mastodon accounts posting about worth following?

Can you recommend me some online stores where I could buy DRM-free *.mobi ebooks in english?

Where did Google+ community go after site shutdown? I used to use it quite a lot, many great programmers, hackers and hobbysts were there. But then I've forgotten about it for a while and when I came back it felt like ghost town. Where are they now? πŸ€”

What's the best way to try based currencies? I feel a little overwhelmed seeing how many options are available. Just want to try it out to check how it works. What is currently most promising?

The main drawback of Mastodon is that it requires me to create new account for each community. Wouldn't be nice if my main instance (e.f. fosstodon) acted as auth provider to all other instances, so I could post on "local" timelines on any instance? Or am I just using it wrong? πŸ˜…

Anyone here using Tusky for Android? After I type instance address, I'm being redirected to web browser. Does this app have native UI or is it just using webpage?


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