"At the time products like that typically sold for $500. We lowered the price by an order of magnitude down to $49.95. At that point, there is really no point in pirating it."

ah, the 80s. welcometothejungle.co/articles

Remember the early internet years when websites had content and not just ads/cookie warnings/GDPR disclaimers? I miss that

OH YOUR GOD! Radiogarden is THE coolest thing I have seen! It is how this should have been!

Basically a map with all open broadcasts around the globe, you can zoom, move around and test different stations around the world, from Vladivostok to Patagonia


Australia just made Man-In-The-Middle attacks required by law. They call it "the ghost" and every #encryption connection has to be open to the government.

Good luck with that.



@art No privacy without encryption. No freedom of speech without privacy. Message to all Australians fight for your freedom.

Also FYI: Set your clocks for tomorrow when InSight is set to land on Mars.

NASA livestreams the whole thing nasa.gov/nasalive

Why should I use Tutanota instead of Gmail?

#1. Google tracks you, we don't.

#2. Google knows you inside out, we don’t.

#3. Google shares your data, we don’t.

#4. Profit maximization vs. our passion for privacy.

Read the full answer here: quora.com/Why-should-I-use-Tut

Hitler did it, Stalin did it, communists in Venezuela did it.
The effects of disarming citizens are always the same.

Website runs JS cryptocurrency miner to monetize site: "This is unethical!"

Website runs JS tracking software that violates your privacy in order to monetize using ad networks: "This is fine."


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