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@kc for building packages. Just make sure you don't install any with it :-)

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funniest shit to do when interacting with old nerds

- calling anything round you see a blu-ray, even vinyls.
- "windows 95? lol windows is at 10"
- calling internet explorer 'the old edge"
- calling every os subsystem/website/program an app
- pretending you don't know what a floppy disk is
- calling usb-c "phone plug" and usb-a "microphone plug"
- only sending them images via snapshat/instagram/discord "but its easier like that!!"
- "mail? its only to sign up to websites! what do you mean you can send mail with them? i have discord for talking!"
- "my pc? its an asus so its super fast!"

reply with your own favorites (unless you're old)
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Remember, there is a generation that don't see nothing wrong here.

Boost if you get it ;)

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@kc ZZ > C-x C-c y :)

Fortunately ZZ exists in evil mode as well.

@joeligj12 Because I'd rather have my /own/ configuration :p

I've configured to the point it should be usable for me, I'm going to try using it for about a week.

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I was convinced in 2019 that an "intense" work culture doesn't deliver success _by itself_, and I'm still convinced of it today. You cannot treat people like expendable machines ("resources") and expect quality work to come out of it.

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Late yesterday I got around to making a site hosted with github pages.
My first post is on getting into using modules.
I know these were introduced a long time ago, but I still had a hard time starting out with them.
Hopefully this is all accurate, at least good enough for people starting out.


I think you're on the right track with this one. I have some reasoning now using that: 

@kdkeller @xpil Say we are looking for a triangle T area A and rational sides x,y,z
Let there be a Pythagorean Triple a,b,c and their triangle have area Δ

T exists if such a triple exists that
x=as, y=bs, z=cs

Where s (scale) must contain the LCM of a,b,c as a factor.

This is still quite new to me, so I can't be too sure about my reasoning. I don't know either if cases outside this can or can't exist.

@xpil You've probably already tried iterating through lengths and using the Pythagorean theorem to check if the other side is rational.

I haven't gotten far with this other idea, but a little research introduced me to:
(a) Euclid's formula for Pythagorean triples
(b) Heron's formula / Heronian triangles

These are both fairly new ideas to me and I'm not really sure how to apply them to this problem. However, they /might/ make a faster solution?

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Question to math geeks. I need a method of finding rational right triangle side lengths for a given integer triangle area.

Note: not every integer area is possible.

Any hints?

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I love how many people around me seems to treat logic:

the sun does not wear a hat.
fish do not wear hats.
the sun is a fish.

It checks out :)

I come home from maths tutoring and I see this guy sleeping on my bed :)
Every day is caturday now.

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Upcoming Instagram changes warn users to accept activity tracking to "Help keep Instagram free of charge" 🙄 #deleteInstagram

@TheFuzzStone If I knew what Facebook was up to I wouldn't want to use their messengers either :p

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git stuff 

Something I learned in my ~3rd year of using git that has saved my ass many times: `git commit -am [commit message]` should be avoided. You inevitably end up auto-adding files you shouldn't, and the CLI encourages short commit messages.

Significantly better to do `git commit -v -a`. This pulls up your default editor and shows you the diff of the changes you are about to commit. You can see if any unwanted files/changes are about to be committed, and easily enter a verbose description.

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huh, so haskell is turing complete with only the characters (, ), =, and ; namely,


defines (==) :: (a -> b -> c) -> (a -> b) -> a -> c, the S combinator, and (===) :: (a -> a) -> a, the Y combinator

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