@kev *definitely* wasn't the case yesterday, checked that myself. Glad it's been dealt with though.

@piokozi I wonder if it’s as innocent as the algorithm doesn’t correlate “tank man” to “Tiananem Square”. The results in tje image search relate to news articles about this thing.

If Bing or DDG didn’t show results for “Tiananmen Square” then that would be different, I think.

“Tiananmen Square tank man” is full of relevant results (attached). I think people are looking way too much into this. It’s just an issue with the algorithm IMO.


@kev perhaps, but personally I have my doubts. Especially since this was on the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre.
After you bring it up, I can't discount that Bing's algorithm simply doesn't recognise it. However, given how iconic the "tank man" image is, I find it a bit harder to believe.

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