A simple program to get how often a number is gotten, rolling 2 dice. Sample size is 1e9.

A friend of mine writes it in , and it takes 45 minutes to finish. Not too surprising: it's repeating maths stuff, which Python to my knowledge isn't fast at.

They show me, and I write it in . It finished in 30 seconds.

Holy s**t that difference.

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@zanko TikTok is problematic privacy wise.
But you are right too. America uses that for their political interests.

I have made a script in to pull the titles and urls of every comic and put those into an database.

Now the question is: why am I doing this? More so when it is approaching 1 in the morning?

Happy to the badasses keeping everything running.

Relevant xkcd: 705

Found a solution for hosting that bot from earlier, turns out heroku is pretty neat!

Set up heroku application for it, but I'll keep it offline until it's on any servers other than the one I test it on. For that I can just run it locally.

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Made a discord bot in Golang, for xkcd 😀

Was fairly easy, but I feel like I still learnt quite a bit through it. Also was my first time using discordgo, go mod, or github actions.


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@jarblaxyl sorry to hear this :( i hate the faux-happy-family corporate bullshit, and "it's just business", while literally true, doesn't account for the very negative human effect is has on people who, until that moment, were on your "team"

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"If you give people responsibility, they will act responsibly" Matt, which country are you even talking about anymore, because that is not England

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Why do schools use the first proprietary software they see to communicate with students? Don't they care about students' privacy?
They don’t even seem to read the privacy policy, they just look at what others are using,
or look at software website where they see the title “best way to communicate” and pictures with happy people using that software and tell themselves "this looks great, w'll use it too".
Don't get me wrong, but i dont want to install Microsoft proprietary s***, and ZOOM on my pc.

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You know that feeling when you've been using vim too long and now expect everywhere you go to have vi keybinds?

And then that disappointment when it turns out it doesn't?

That's me now 😞

It took me too long to make a that works...

...even for small projects...

Oh well I'm happy with it now.

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Moving from dwm to xmonad and so far it seems pretty nice.
Initial setup was a bit harder, mostly because of the language, but Google-fu is a powerful ability.
Also xmonad-contrib has a lot of cool stuff. So that's neat.

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⚠️ WARNING: Using FOSS can have a harmful effect on large corporations and reduce their influence on your life, or even bankrupt them.

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"Politics... politics politics."

... Everything is going okay.

"Politics. Politics Politics Politics. POLITICS."

Oh god

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Sorry to say, but it looks like you just lost the game.

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The establishment won't admit it but all of the Coronavirus and racial fearmongering was just a distraction so we'd forget to get our dicks out for Harambe

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Well fuck me pink and call me rosy!
Google was just slapped with a lawsuit that claims it tracks people on hundreds of thousands of apps even when they opt out


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