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Russia is working hard to create it's own censored internet. Now forcing also VPNs to block all kinds of unwanted things, among them "gay propaganda" 😔

Mozilla is announcing its new Firefox logo next week (and apparently this is it)

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Crap, let's make it a poll now:

Is AMD back? Please boost

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fff - a terminal file manager written in

Those 120 lines of bash code are really fukken cryptic tho. Like, really.

So, 64 is finally dropping RSS/Atom support, but instead plans to integrate a paid VPN service. Duh...

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How come doesn't have a .get method for lists? It has one for dictionaries.

Today I Learned that "less" had binary configuration file before it was cool.

$ file ~/.less
/home/user/.less: data

(Such config can be generated by lesskey)


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