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Yeah, I come up with great module names.

First step in testing a virtual install of , got my dotfiles install script working great!

There goes my uptime though :(. The only thing that keeps it from staying up are power outages. I'll never be able to post uptime porn at this rate

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Been a lot more motivated this past week to start working on my budgeting program!

I feel like I've learned a lot from my last two projects and from incorporating as much as I could with what I do at work, which makes this feel like I actually know what I'm doing and not just bumbling about.

Hopefully I get the base and CLI inteface finished soon so it can be usable before I start the most important part: integration as a bot in XMPP (followed by others hopefully)!

New coffee!

Nothing quite like a fresh bag of a flavor you haven't tried before 😌

@GDPRHallOfShame Have you taken a look at Last.fm? Just saw this pop up and cemented my drive to make sure I start looking into hosting a Libre.fm instance ASAP.

Going further down the list of trackers and the majority of them are opt-out by having to go through each individual company.

So I've noticed something weird with the Tor servers offered by .

After a variable amount of time, I lose access to .onion sites. The VPN itself is still connected, check.torproject.org still says I'm routed through the network, but any .onion attempt fails.

Wrote up a little script to test how long it takes to lose access + current IP, but I haven't noticed anything for over 2 hours now. I'm starting to think the issues were due to using my phone as a hotspot...

Okay, this is the weirdest thing I've ever seen. My router and WiFi AP don't have internet access, any device connected to the AP or through the router via Ethernet has no access, with the sole exception being my laptop.


In honor of the storms going on in Arizona right now, here's a cool picture I took of a haboob right before it reached me.

Along with the desert sun, they're really pretty. But at a distance :P

After realizing that I had an outdated by hours git pull of qmk firmware that lacked the files for Let's Split Eh and that it uses dfu and not avrdude like the other Let's Splits, I finally have a working keyboard!

Just need the Pulse keycaps to arrive in a few months and I'll get matching cables and a look worthy of really showing off!


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