Does anybody know of a routing app for a Google-free that also includes traffic? OSMAnd is handy but useless to me when I need to navigate the traffic hell that is this city, and MAPS.ME traffic doesn't seem to work (says I need to update the app despite having manually installed their APK).

I'm holding out for the F-Droid fork to work do test as it's currently broken and can't download an intro map due to locks turned on by the MAPS.ME upstream.

@pinguino I wanted to make one long time ago, but the biggest problem is to gather critical mass of users trusting you with sharing location. Google "almost" forces it. A plugin to OSMAnd might be a best way to go. Initial condition: access to traffic data only if you share location to improve the data. Il might not be enough to gather good data - most of the time people don't use navigation, but google collects location anyway.
P.S. When complaining about traffic remember you're part of it...


I use Scout GPS because it's the only one that integrates with my car. It has pretty decent turn-by-turn directions backed by OSM and current traffic data.

Not , sadly, but at least google-free

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