I feel like a lot of time I spend coding ends up with me starting at my screen and trying to figure out the best way to solve a problem. Not like it's bad, trying to be an efficient coder is important (despite it just being a hobby for me), but sometimes I feel like I spend *too* much time just staring.

@pinguino I do that too. I usually end up just browsing code, looking at language documentation, typing out some pseudocode, or otherwise finding something simple to engage with that might get the gears going again. Coding music helps too. Ever checked out Code Radio by freecodecamp?

@lee8oi I haven't but I'll look into them! I think the most trouble is when I try and keep working on my project after work on weekdays. I get so burnt out that it's hard to focus but I try to get something done since there's always do much to do on the weekend.

@pinguino I always want efficient syntax which is air tight, yet poetic.

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