Well this is troubling...
Issues with the Commons Clause license and it's effect on open source.

I think it's easy for someone like me, where programming is more of a hobby, to go full with the GPL as I don't have to worry about making a living off of any of my work. I can see the appeal of other licenses where it may be easier to set up a steady income. But this is definitely not the way to go.

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going GPL more readily leaves open dual-licensing, where the copyright holder sells non-GPL, one-off licenses to customers in parallel.

@deejoe That I do know, but I feel like some devs just don't care or just want the "easy" way out with something like MIT or a BSD-style license.

In the not care department, an example I have is of an online acquaintance who refuses to open source his code for a simple chat bot. He just ignores most of us when we mention it or gives non-answers.

@pinguino If your work is any good, and enough people use it, then they'll pay you for support. Of course this is easier if it's used by corporates, but even if your work is used by individuals, a proportion of them will support you.

@simon_brooke True, I always try and allocate something to support everyone behind the software I use regularly.

@pinguino Gotta love the Orwellian name, too. The only thing that clause is missing is a statement that they created it “to improve your user experience.”

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