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Systemic racism is a great insult, so it can't be true. We're good people, so we can't be ! This is a classic racist response. It's meant to change nothing! Ignoring real problems doesn't help anyone. Don't fall for it.

Is Kamala scare mongering about pre-existing conditions, covid, and insurance? Over 3 million Americans have lost insurance under Trump already.

Trump's respect and reverence doesn't protect anyone. Our troops need a response.

Good work on the moderator for reigning this in, but we need an hour on this topic alone.

Kamala called some of it out! Trump, the American president, embraces dictators and discredits our own intelligence community. We have no idea how much power Putin has over our executive branch. What is Pence's response? He's improving relations. Then I can't I remember what else he said. Whoa! She brought up the bounties!

The Paris Climate Accord is NOT ENOUGH! We can't even settle for that. The climate denial of the right would doom us all.

If I could vote for politicians who would ban fracking and go zero fossil fuels I would! Why is Pence getting peoples' hopes up? Joe Biden will keep business as usual before this administration which can't work.

Honestly I had no idea Mike Pence's eyes were not straight forward before tonight, but I don't judge him at all 🙏

It feels like Mike Pence is getting cutting off more than Kamala. Maybe it's because I zone out when Pence talks, and when the moderator interrupts I realize he's almost done. 🤔

@brandon thank you so much! It's tough to post on reddit for you own work. Most subreddits have rules against self-promotion, so I'm relying on organic growth. I'm trying to make videos so good people post about them on their own!

I posted a new video on making meditation a habit! It's something I continually struggle with. Please post any meditation tips below!

Discussing Neuralink before it comes to a brain near you! Neuralink recently unveiled its V0.9 prototype of its brain-machine interface. Wild claims are circulating like can Neuralink read your thoughts, store your memories, or allow you to control a robot body. Why did Elon Musk invest $100 million of his own money to help fund Neuralink? Many people I know had no idea what Neuralink is or where it's at.

New video fresh off the presses! I take a look at Superman: Emperor Joker, a story where the Joker gains the reality warping power of god, and I show how this relates to the Myth of Sisyphus. I don't give too many spoilers! You'll have to read the story for yourself.

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