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In my latest video I show my results from over 9 months of the Calimove personal training program. I talk about my study of calisthenics and advice for others starting.

Hey sapiens! I try to publish a new video every two weeks, but I've lagged behind on my newest video upcoming. I couldn't finish it to the quality I wanted in time. I hope to post next week!

Recently I finished my notes on the importance of sleep and many of the sleep techniques I've gathered over the years. I would be amazed if even one person read through and didn't find a useful tip for sleep.

A handful of power greens, whole mushrooms, pickles, sauerkraut, 95% avocado guacamole, mild green chili sauce, and a can of whole sardines (with bones) marinated in marinara sauce. Stay healthy friends.

One positive thing about anti-maskers (besides their carona virus test) is they make me feel morally good simply for wearing a piece of cloth on my face. Putting on a sock is more difficult than wearing a mask.

I completed 50 days of meditation in the Waking Up app from Sam Harris. I review the course and share some of my incites.

I hope to provide some clarity about our recent tragedy. I hesitated to speak up at all, but to stay silent feels worse. I wrote a short post to do something.

George Floyd's Death: A Brutal Modern-Day Slow Lynching

New YouTube video up! This one is just funny. Nothing more to it. We got pranked! I've never fully recovered.

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