We got our first Nazi comment! Wow, that was really fast. If Nazis hate it then we're doing something right. Right now that's the only comment on the video. Please drop a comment on the video to counter act that voice!


Watch episode 2: The Trans Experience. We have a guest on The Cancelled Podcast to share their perspective. The audio link will be in the description.

Can what you don't know fill a library?

Please answer the question for yourself. Is there anyone who can answer no? Ignorance is a lack of knowledge. We are all ignorant. Everyone is ignorant who answers yes. Embrace and accept ignorance!

Introducing the brand new Cancelled Podcast! My co-host, Jay, and I talk about who we are, how we met, and what our podcast will be about. The episode is live on YouTube and will soon be posted on other platforms. The world really needs another great podcast 😉


@be Definitely good points! While Twitter banned Trump, the ceo didn't come out to make a statement. Facebook has Zuckerberg, so it's easier to point to him as a decision maker. However, I've heard Facebook is run differently and Mark can wield the power himself.

USpol dictatorship 

@hurtado Thank you so much! I agree and appreciate you sharing.

USpol dictatorship 

@philosopher What a great video! I'm from South America, so I really appreciate your mentioning Operation Condor (US intervention on our governments). I think big tech shouldn't be in the position to make such huge decisions in the first place. That's why I can't avoid sharing this talk on the experience of the Fediverse with content moderation around Gab.

Trump got Zucc'd! New video on the role of big tech in the recent attempted coup by President . Hopefully Mark Zuckerberg understands what's at stake with social media.


Hey Sapiens! There's a delay in videos due to the holidays for this one person production. More content to come! Stay tuned and happy holidays.

@jtlong There's a lot of hype around Wim Hof now that he's a company. He's still a phenomenal person. Breathing is the base but exercise is at the top!

Here's the line of thinking that convinced me breathing techniques aren't just all in the mind. Dedicated breath work has the power to change your life, and you have the power to do breath work.


Quick! Are you breathing? Where is your tongue? You're doing it wrong! You've been breathing wrong your whole life! Learn to breathe the right way NOW!


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