Trump got Zucc'd! New video on the role of big tech in the recent attempted coup by President . Hopefully Mark Zuckerberg understands what's at stake with social media.

USpol dictatorship 

@philosopher What a great video! I'm from South America, so I really appreciate your mentioning Operation Condor (US intervention on our governments). I think big tech shouldn't be in the position to make such huge decisions in the first place. That's why I can't avoid sharing this talk on the experience of the Fediverse with content moderation around Gab.

USpol dictatorship 

@hurtado Thank you so much! I agree and appreciate you sharing.

@splatt9990 @philosopher Hard disagree with content warnings on politics.

@philosopher This doesn't take into account the motivations of tech companies, which is continued survival and profit of their companies. Those in power at these companies think it is more likely that they will continue to be able to use state power to maximize their profits by deplatforming Trump. The personal political beliefs of their CEOs are IMO almost beside the point.

@be Definitely good points! While Twitter banned Trump, the ceo didn't come out to make a statement. Facebook has Zuckerberg, so it's easier to point to him as a decision maker. However, I've heard Facebook is run differently and Mark can wield the power himself.

@philosopher Twitter's ban was initially temporary. It only became permanent when workers pushed for that.

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