@philosopher PeerTube is great! I really love that they give you RSS feeds and getting the said feeds is really easy. I don't have to enter this weird domain like I have to with YouTube. There are also a decent number of channels I enjoy.

@philosopher PeerTube is amazing ❤️

Wouldn't it be great to have a desktop client to be able to keep seeding though 😉

@philosopher I really like it! Aside from some relatively minor privacy issues inherent with the torrent method, it's a great alternative to YouTube. I'd love to see more content showing up there.

@mike @philosopher I think in general, it seems that VPN is something that is becoming fairly normalized on the Internet, so torrent as a privacy concern is much less of an issue than otherwise.

The interesting thing about PeerTube is that it leverage the network effect from overall network of federated services, that give it a real shot of overtaking YouTube one day, because you can see gradual migration to PeerTube and with enough people on the federated network, it'll have just enough inertia to outlast YouTube.

@philosopher I recently started to get some rather vile spam in the comments of my PeerTube videos, and there appears to be no way to moderate or delete them, so I'm had to disable comments entirely.

There's no way to do that as a batch, so I had to do them all by hand. One by one.

All of them.

I love the idea of PeerTube, but in practice it wasn't necessarily a good choice.

@wonderingdane What might be nice is to see how the platform is growing over time. tpa.peertube.dk provides the current state but I'd like to see how much growth is happening.

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