@philosopher maybe, maybe not. There are burning buildings because of rioters.

@philosopher I don't subscribe to that nonsense. A man was wrongly murdered, but burning down buildings and looting a target helps that cause how? I totally get the anger, I do, but I don't remember thinking riots and looting will help stop this nonsense when my uncle was shot and killed by the police.

Thanks, I wish you well as well. I'm sorry but my stance won't change. I do hope this matter gets settled in court and justice is served legally (referring to the officer).

@jordan31 The rioters and looters could be separate. Why do you believe the looters care about any movement? Why not assume they only care about theft and are using the peaceful protests for cover? Is it because the media tells you their the same?

@philosopher I never said they were the same. I do think they generally support the movement and are angry, but I've seen the peaceful protesters, and they handled it correctly. Protesting totally fine and your right. Looting and rioting is not cool and not a right.

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